Understanding and treating pigment spots

Understanding and treating pigment spots

As you age and time goes by, you are likely to see brown spots appear on your skin. It is one of the visible signs of aging skin, but these spots can also be caused by overexposure to the sun, or by a post-inflammatory accumulation of melanin related to the healing of a pimple, a wound or eczema. 

But rest assured, there are different ways to prevent and eliminate these spots. 

First of all, how to prevent them? 

The most important thing you can do to prevent dark spots is to use sun protection! Even if you don't plan on exposing your skin to the sun, consider incorporating SPF into your routine. 

You can opt for a light sun care product that won't leave you with an oily finish and will look great under your makeup, such as Filorga's UV Defense 50+, which combines an anti-aging action, or SVR's Ampoule Protect SPF50, which also acts as an anti-oxidant serum.

Our little tip: After applying SPF on your face, use the rest on your hands. Indeed, hands are often very affected by pigmentation spots. 

In addition to this, remember to moisturize your skin and consume enough foods rich in vitamins A, E and D (citrus fruits, kiwis, grapes, green vegetables, carrots, cereals, dairy products, fatty fish, soy...) to create a shield for your skin. 

How to reduce them? 

These spots can be eliminated or at least reduced with the help of certain products. However, you must be careful because some "lightening" products can sometimes contain photo-sensitizing ingredients, which can worsen the skin's condition with the slightest exposure to the sun. 

You should therefore opt for non-photosensitizing skin care products such as PATYKA's Anti-taches Perfect Range. This range uses fruit acids to stimulate cell renewal, unify the complexion and bring radiance. If you take a closer look into this range, you will note that the Brightening Micro Peeling Essence doubles the effect of the Dark Spot Correcting Serum

For a targeted treatment, you can also apply the Clairial Cible powder cream only on the spots to depigment the localized areas.