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Your winter haircare routine

Your winter haircare routine

During the winter, your hair is usually not in the best shape. Cold temperatures and dry air don't help your hair. It dries out and loses volume, shine and softness. It is therefore important to adapt your routine with products that will nourish the hair fiber and give it volume and suppleness. 

We have prepared for you a complete routine using organic, vegan and 100% natural haircare !

Start your routine with Lazartigue's Volumize shampoo. A treatment based on rice proteins that provides a guardian effect at the root of the hair to give it body and substance. 

Then, in order to rehydrate the hair fiber, leave the Nourish treatment on the lengths for a few minutes and take the opportunity to detangle your hair with a comb or a brush. Enriched with shea butter, this treatment brings moisture, suppleness and shine to your hair.  Then, rinse and let your hair air dry. 

While your hair is still damp, apply the Stronger serum at the roots, parting by parting, using the pipette. This serum strengthens your hair, fights hair loss and boosts hair growth. 

Finally, spray the Volumize styling spray all over your hair. Style your hair and let it dry.  This spray helps get rid of static electricity in the hair and gives it volume and shine that will last all day!