Wellbox®[S] White

Wellbox®[S] White

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Only a few minutes a day, and no need to leave the house? Thanks to Wellbox®[S], it's now possible! A 100% natural solution to help you achieve your beauty goals. Wellbox®[S] is easy to use and allows you to work on any area you want. Stimulating the LIFT and ROLL heads gives you a multitude of face and body actions for a younger-looking face, erased wrinkles, a radiant complexion, a sculpted body, a refined silhouette, eliminated cellulite, firmed tissues, and a flat stomach.
It is not necessary to apply cream or wear protective tights before using Wellbox® [S]. There are 4 aspiration sequences in the pre-programmed treatment: - Continuous aspiration for destocking. - 4 aspirations per second to drain. - 8 aspirations per second to remove wrinkles and plump the skin. - 16 aspirations per second to firm and bring radiance to the skin. Wellbox®[S] is used for 6 minutes per area and can be used every day on the face and every other day on the rest of the body. Once you have achieved your goals, we recommend 2 to 3 sessions per month to maintain and prolong results.
Power supply: 1, AC adapter: 4, Filter: 20, ROLL heads: 3, LIFT heads: 2, Wipes: 100, Removal tool: 2, User's guide: 1 Spare parts: Wellbox after-sales service: 00 800 699 355 269 Warranty: 2 years Device maintenance: Wellbox® [S] has a protective filter to ensure proper operation. When this filter no longer allows proper use of your device, it must be replaced. It is recommended that it be replaced approximately once a month.
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